About alex

Hi, I’m Alex!

Over 5 years ago I was embarking on an acting career and in a spiral of what a healthy mind and body actually was. I was in my early twenties and trying to figure out where my life was taking me. Knowing this was right up my ally, a friend of mine recommended a book to me, “The Beauty Detox Solution” by Kimberly Snyder. After reading this book, everything clicked. It all seemed to make sense and be the “answer” I was longing for. After reading that book, I never ate meat again and after a couple weeks completely cut dairy out of my life.

This book led me on a journey of self discovery in the plant-based world. From eating in abundance, letting go the fear of a calorie, and actually being happy with my body without running 5 miles a day. My skin began to glow I felt a deeper connection to what God has placed on this earth to heal our bodies holistically.

I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2015 to further my acting career and work at a juice bar to surround myself with health and wellness while still figuring out where life was taking me. In 2016, I started managing and teaching at a yoga studio, Thunderbolt Power Yoga.

After a serious neck injury at the beginning of 2018 and visiting a holistic doctor for treatment, I found out that I had leaky gut from (wheat and emotional trauma as a kid) which led to extremely unbalanced hormones. After these visits, I decided it was time to take myself to the next level so that I could help others with a holistic approach to health. I immediately enrolled in The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to be a certified holistic health coach. This is just the beginning of what started over 5 years ago. I strive to create valuable content through personal experience for you to get closer to your goals one plant at a time;)

Join me on this journey to rise up to our most happy, healthy selves so we can serve others from a place of overflow.

Alex <3