Beet Juice | Nature’s Pre-Workout


Turn Up The Beet

As you may already know, I am a HUGE advocate for juicing. When juicing you are multiplying the amount of minerals, enzymes, and vitamins consumed from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. There are so many different juice recipes that can be tailored to your health goals or taste buds. Since I tend to just throw stuff together and juice away, this blog will help with my attempt to organize recipes that you can easily do at home without over thinking the recipe. This can be a rubric that you follow exactly or it can be the ground work that you follow to find what you like best.

Now let’s chat about beet juice and why it is such a great pre-workout. There have been studies that show the high amounts of nitrates in beets help with blood circulation and creates more oxygen throughout the blood. This causes your blood cells to dilate and blood to flow more freely to your muscles and organs which is perfect right before a workout. This is also why beetroot is so good for your heart and blood pressure. The apples help sweeten up the juice while also boosting your energy. Ginger also gives you energy while adding in reducing muscle soreness from that awesome training session you’re about to put in. Drink up 30 minutes to an hour before your next workout and feel the results!


Top Benefits:

Beets: Improves blood pressure, improves mental function, reduces inflammation, boosts stamina, excellent source of folate, good source of fiber, manganese, potassium, and Vitamin C
Apples: Aids digestion, lowers LDL cholesterol, supports blood sugar regulation, good source of fiber, and Vitamin C
Treats nausea and motion sickness, reduces inflammation, aids digestion, boosts immunity, promotes cell growth, high in antioxidants

Recipe (makes 42oz):

6 beets
3 apples
1-2 inches of ginger


*Wash beets thoroughly and throw in stems, leaves, and all into juicer.
Don’t worry, if you go to the bathroom and thinking you’re bleeding out, you’re not. This will go away in a day or two.