DIY Natural Face Wash | Reduce Acne and Scarring

I'm a big believer in cleansing from the inside out. What you eat and what is happening internally (emotions, hormones, stress, etc) shows up on your face. We can use all the latest anti-aging products we want but lifestyle is the most important factor when searching for soft, hydrated, and clear skin. While all that is true, what we use topically is extremely important because our skin is our largest organ. Our porous skin absorbs anything we put on it. That includes water, skincare, makeup, lotions, environmental toxins, the list goes on. So if there are toxins and chemicals in those products they go deep into the skin layers and are absorbed into the bloodstream which then loads up the liver and can cause havoc on hormones.


Along with that, having a pure face wash that removes make up, reduces inflammation and redness, clears acne and leaves your face moisturized is a must! All these ingredients are non toxic and chemical free. You can snag most of them on the Shop My Favorites tab.

Top Benefits:

Jojoba Oil: Softens and hydrates, locks in essential fatty acids, no additives or chemicals
Unscented Castile Soap: lathers and moisturizes, great for anyone with allergies and sensitive skin
Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil:
purifies and cleanses, reduces inflammation and redness
Frankincense oil: renewing properties, promotes health cellular function, and reduces scarring


1 cup of filtered water
1/4 cup of unscented castile soap
5 Tbsp of jojoba oil
15 drops of tea tree oil
5 drops of frankincense oil

*use a jar with foaming dispenser
*can follow with witch hazel and then coconut oil