How Digestive Health is Linked to Your Mood

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How we feed and nourish our gut directly effects how we feel, our mood, our skin, our aging, our energy, our vitality, and our focus. Phew. A lot right? This is why our digestive health is so important. Kimberly Synder truthfully states, “we are not what we eat but what we digest.” 

If we are clogged and bloated, we are being weighed down. This can result in irritability, anxiety, tension, nervousness, feeling triggered, having a short fuse, and depression. This is why they say “our gut is our second brain”. So many of our neurotransmitters (around 90% of serotonin) are produced in the gut. What we eat can either be feeding that or taking away from it. 

Have you heard the phrase “dairy is scary”? Guys, it’s true. Without going into that too much right now, know that dairy is very clogging to our system. When you cut it out you begin to feel so much lighter and naturally cleansed. Start there. Make it simple by focusing on one change at a time and I highly recommend that change starts with dairy.

So how do we rebuild our digestive system to free up energy and space for a happy, lighter version of ourselves?

Here are three ways to get started:

1. fiber

Fiber is healing. Adding fiber into your diet will begin to flush out waste build up. If you are constipated, that means toxins are being packed up as well. This can cause that cranky, irritable feeling. You’re more than likely not getting the proper nutrients and less oxygen circulating throughout your body causing brain fog. Plants are FULL of fiber. There isn’t any fiber in meat. Zilch. If you eat meat, try cutting it down to one meal a day. Add in more greens, smoothies, and grains, and legumes.

*Add fiber, not laxatives. Laxatives can be very hard on your adrenals and system overall.

2. probiotics

Probiotics are a form of live bacteria that help to rebalance the friendly bacteria in your body. They are a key part of, not only digestive health, but overall health. Probiotics help beneficial bacteria to flourish in the body, while hindering the growth of harmful microorganisms. I’ve been using Solluna Probiotics for years. After my warm lemon water, I take one every single morning. It has helped combat bloating and has kept elimination regular. This formula specifically contains Soil Based Organisms (SBO) along with turkey tail, chaga and shilajit, which boosts immunity and supports healthy bacterial colonization. When I talk about creating sustainable habits that build a lifestyle, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about. Getting in the flow of taking probiotics every day will be a game changer for you.

3. Digestive Enzymes

I’ll restate the quote above, “We are not what we eat but what we digest”. Many of our digestive systems have been compromised from chemicals in foods, stress, environmental factors, etc. leaving us not able to absorb all the nutrients from our food. Digestive enzymes help breakdown fats, protein, and carbs so we get the most nutrients out of these macros. It would be pretty frustrating to spend money on healthy/organic foods and end up not absorbing the benefits, right? These enzymes will also help when you have eaten too much or had some unhealthy food. It’ll help break it down and pass through our system easier without the build up.

I have recently found out that my body has been having issues absorbing fat and protein so these Digestive Enzymes have been really helpful for me. I have been taking one with my green smoothies and then again with my biggest meal of the day.

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When you start to implement these tips, a transformative shift will begin to happen in your life. You’ll have more fiber in your every day diet meaning more energy is being used to cleanse and detox. Waste that has been in your system for a long time, causing your emotional distress, will begin to rise to the surface and get pushed out. You’ll start to come back to your natural harmony the way your system was intended to function. You’ll begin to think more clearly, feel brighter and lighter, and overall joy will begin to overflow pushing those negative feelings out of your life.

Alex <3