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Plant-Based Nutrition

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1:1 Single Coaching Session

Single sessions are for someone who is not fully ready to commit to the 6 week program but still desires coaching or follow up sessions from those who have done the program. This will be a 45 min video session through a zoom call. Prior to the call you will send me 1-3 questions or areas that you are currently wanting to focus on. After the session you will receive a detailed follow up with all details discussed, recommendations, next steps, etc. These sessions do not require a discovery call.

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6 Week Coaching Program

We will work together to establish your personalized goals over the course of 6 weeks. We will create an action plan for sustainable change, education and implementation of a plant based diet, shift your mindset, and develop healthy lifestyle habits giving you freedom and balance in your life. We will connect via zoom calls once per week for 30-45 minutes.

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Where to begin:

Discovery call

Free 15 minute consultation. During this call we will connect, get to know one another, go over your goals, see if we are a good fit, and talk next steps to get you healthy and thriving. Starting now.

who do I work with? someone who…

  • is sick of dieting

  • has felt shame/guilt when it comes to food

  • struggling to feel good about themselves

  • has restricted food/overindulges

  • wants a transformation

  • needs to cleanse/reset

  • interested in a plant based diet and its benefits

  • interested in a holistic approach to wellness

  • struggles to find overall balance

  • committed and ambitious

  • desires an abundance mindset

  • wants to show up as their best self for the ones they love

why have a health coach?

  • You feel like something might be off with your health, but you’re not sure what it is.  

  • You’re more likely to accomplish goals when you have guidance and accountability.

  • You want to improve your diet and lifestyle but you’re not sure where to begin.

  • You’re tired of dieting, deprivation, and the frustration that comes with trying to lose weight.

  • You want to become a more positive health influence on the people around you.

  • You’re looking for a more personal approach to health from a caring individual who has your best interest at heart.

There is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming and create confusion. A health coach creates a one on one connection with you that helps sort out your own goals and challenges in a supportive and safe environment. Having a health coach fills the gap between the healthcare system and what people need. You will receive a customized plan, be held accountable, and given emotional support.

I love connecting with my clients and watching them progress in their own personal journey towards wellness!


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