Sarah S

“I got pregnant! I really do think a cleaner, plant-based diet plus intentionally taking the time to focus on my general wellness helped me get pregnant after a year and a half of trying.

Working with Alex was one of the best things I did when trying to get pregnant. Her holistic, wellness-based approach to coaching helped me not only be more thoughtful about the foods I was putting in my body, but also how I was dealing with stress, anxiety and how I was taking care of my body. She made a huge difference in my overall wellness – and now I'm expecting my first baby in just a few months!

Alex was a super supportive coach. I so appreciated her easy-going and approachable attitude. As someone who was regularly eating meat and dairy, a lot of the diet changes felt pretty significant, but Alex met me where I was and helped me take small steps toward a new way of eating. She took the time to discuss everything happening in my life and understood that food is just one piece of wellness, which I really appreciated. She really cared about my well-being and was my biggest cheerleader.”


“I was so athletic as a child and teenager, and ever since I've quit doing sports I've lost muscle and gained... a body I don't want. With Alex's help, this is the first "diet" that I've ever been able to stick to. In the beginning I had A LOT of questions, and Alex never made me feel like I couldn't ask, she was always able to provide me with the advice I needed.

The first few days of cutting out meat and animal products is really tough, but now, I don't consider myself on a diet, it's just how I eat!! I feel so much better,  and I look better too. Since September I've lost 27 pounds and 2 pants sizes, with no exercise due to a foot injury. I'm so thankful for the knowledge I have gained throughout this process. And so glad this is something I can continue for years to come!! Thank you Plantiful Alex.”


“In June of 2018 I was diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I have never been obese but I ate the standard American diet and it was quickly catching up to me and scarring my liver. I decided the only thing to do was to begin eating plant based and I reached out to Alex for help. She encouraged me during times I thought I would never get through. She shared recipes, advice, knowledge, and support. I’ve lost 30 pounds, feel so much healthier, and brought my liver function levels back to normal since beginning  to eat a plant based diet! Thank you Alex for all of your help. I could never have done it without you.”